Hello! I am Taryn Conover the Artist behind the brushes!

My passion for the art of makeup started over a decade ago. I was always keeping busy recreating trending looks on myself and others. At the age of nineteen I decided to pursue my love for makeup and got my Aesthetician license. I specialize in facials and waxing, giving me extensive knowledge of the skin (behind the scenes of makeup). ​ I was then hired at MAC cosmetics, where I grew tremendously as an artist for four years.

I started my own freelance makeup on the side which is now Infinite Artistry Makeup! Although I love the creativity and transformation of makeup, it is the clients that truly hold a special place in my heart. The looks on their faces after a makeup session is priceless and it blesses me to be able to create life long friendships.  My style blends fresh-faced beauty with an edge and I am experienced in various styles of makeup. I would love to help you achieve your most desired look – whether it’s flawlessly natural or intensely dramatic. The possibilities are endless!Type your paragraph here.

Infinite Artistry Makeup